Welcome to the St. Thomas/St. John

Seventh-day Adventist School

St. Thomas/St. John Seventh-day Adventist School provides specialized programs that will build students' self-esteem and enhance student learning; thus equipping them with problem-solving and other skills for the world of work and higher education so that they become productive citizens. 

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The St. Thomas/St.John Seventh-day Adventist School operates in conjunction with the thinking and philosophy proposed in the book Education by E.G. White, p.13:

"True education means more than the perusal of a certain course of study...

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...It is the harmonious development of physical, the mental and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of service in the world to come." 



Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a holistic, in-depth, comprehensive, and long-term educational experience for students; keeping eternity in mind.

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We Are Committed to Excellence!  

At the St. Thomas/St. John Seventh-day Adventist School we take a holistic approach to education, whereby mind, body, and spirit are all cultivated.  We are an accredited K-12 institution, staffed with experienced Christian educators whose main objective is to care, nurture, and educate your child.


Our Story

Adventism came to St. Thomas in 1900 with the arrival of a young self-supporting missionary Andrew P. Palmquist. The first church building on St. Thomas was erected in 1905 on the site where the present City Seventh-day Adventist Church now stands. Like the founders of the Adventist organization, pioneers of the work on St. Thomas realized the importance of Christian Education. Thus, by 1908 a Primary School was started. The church grew slowly, but the school was forced to close. However, it was re-opened on November 1, 1920, with an enrollment of 21 students from grades one - six, under Principal Beula Sopa.

A hurricane in 1924 destroyed the Church, and the school was forced to close again. Pastor L. D. Brathwaite came to St. Thomas in 1950, and took the statement by Mrs. White literally, that if there were at least six students, the church should provide a school where our children could be educated. So the early 1950s saw the school on the move again, with Ms. Carmen Richards (later Lake) as Principal and teacher teaching all the grades that were organized.

As enrollment increased, other teachers were employed, and more space was needed to accommodate the growing school. By the early 1960s, the church saw fit to purchase land in Anna's Retreat for the purpose of one day building a church and a school. Under the leadership of Pastor J. C. Shillingford in the mid-1970s members decided to build the school first, and the church later.  In 1972 students were moved to their new school in Anna’s Retreat.  The highest grade then was the eighth grade, and students had to leave and go to public school to complete their education.  To remedy this situation, the members decided to add an additional grade each year.  So a plan was developed to add three classrooms on all three levels at the western end of the existing building.

On September 2, 2019, a ‘soft’ ceremony was held to ‘re-open’ the St. Thomas/St. John Seventh-day Adventist School.  We have made significant strides since Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  There are many challenges but with God’s help we are grateful to be back at the school, and give God the glory for what He has done.